Unshakable Spirit Stories of Compassion and Wisdom

  • 高森顕徹(著) ジュリエット・カーペンター(訳)

定価 ¥1,650 税込



平成21年に発刊した “Something You Forgot … Along the Way” の続編です。

高森顕徹氏による心温まる短編集 “Unshakable Spirit” に、日本の人々の心に根付いた哲学を発見することでしょう。







1. When Disasters Strike in Quick Succession

2. The Bride Who Wept with Gratitude Toward Her Mother

3. “Win Big Today, Lose Big Tomorrow”
Trust Is a Huge Asset

4. Solidarity Can Be More Important than Numbers

5. Why Children Don’t Answer
Teaching by Example

6. “I Lost My Heart to Her Smile”

7. The Essence of Beauty

8. Feeling Puffed Up with Vanity Leads to Hell

9. Anger Is the Enemy

10. Integrity Above All

11. “Your Fly Is Open, Too”
Observe the Behavior of Others and Correct Your Own

12. Sakyamuni Took the Most Painful Path of All

13. “Pray That I Will Never Die”

14. “I Do Not Wish to Be a Slave to Riches”

15. The Quick-witted Page and the Hot Coal

16. “Watch Out for the Poisonous Snake”
Treasure Brings Torment

17. Why Do Couples Quarrel?

18. Why the Navel Is in the Middle of the Body

19. “The Window Frame Hurts Too”
A Winsome Mother and Child

20. Diamond Faith Is Stronger than the Sword

21. Never Remember a Kindness Done or Forget a Kindness Received

22. Success Is the Fruit of Effort
The Merchant’s Fortitude

23. “Those Who Feel No Gratitude Are Viler than Beasts”

24. “Doctor, Give Me a Dose of Poison!”

25. The Power of People Who Do Not Try to Impress Others

26. “Your Mother Is Precious Because She Devoted Her Life to Raising You”

27. All Things Come to an End

28. The Tone of the Instrument Depends on the Player, Not on the Price

29. Despite Surface Differences, We Are All the Same

30. Resolution in the Face of Death

31. Constantly Polish Yourself

32. Step Back and Look Again

33. On Self-destruction

34. On Wrong Efforts

35. On Saying “Thank You”

36. Seeds That Are Planted

37. Hurry Up and Be Patient

38. On Avoiding Ups and Downs

39. Gauging the Moment

40. Why Is Life Precious?

41. On Tunnel Diggers

42. On Misunderstanding

43. On Thinking of Tomorrow Today

44. On Buying Things

45. On Lost Love

46. The Need for Balance

47. On Truth

48. Bonds from the Distant Past

49. On the Path of Suffering

50. What Brings Success

51. On the Solemnity of Truth

52. The Secret

53. The Man Capable of Doing Great Work

54. What Is the Best Legacy to Our Children?

55. The Wisdom and Strength of Will to “Slay Ma Su, Shedding Tears”

56. Let the Slanderers Talk

57. “My Life You May Have, But Not My Money!”
The Words That Scared Off a Legendary Bandit

58. “Wear Fine Clothes, Eat Fine Food, and Do Your Makeup Every Day”

59. They Fought Like Tigers Because They Were Cornered

60. The Wise Man Learns from Everyone

61. Reliable Beauty
Sakyamuni’s Lecture to a Young Beauty

62. We Sweep and Sweep But Leaves Keep Falling

63. What It Takes to Turn Defeat to Victory

64. Make Light of the Small and Lose the Great

65. All Boats Travel to Gain Honor or Profit

66. To Cause Great Damage for a Slight Gain Is the Way of a Fool

67. People Who Reduce Everything to Logic Are Not Loved

68. Winning the Lottery Will Happen to Me,Disaster to Somebody Else

69. The World Doesn’t Work the Way We Wish It Did

70. Like the Earth, Women Are Strong and Unmoving

71. Perseverance Is Greater than Proficiency
Cuda-panthaka’s Perseverance at Cleaning

72. A Grand Champion Leaves an Opponent an Opening

73. Look to the Essence, Not the Form

74. Don’t Be Swayed This Way and That by Critics

75. A Mother’s Tongue Can Determine the Course of Her Child’s Life

76. The Resolve of a Beautiful Woman

77. “This Painting Is a Fake”
The Significance of Actual Experience

78. “No One in This World Seeks to Do Good More than I Myself,” Said the Buddha

79. What Makes a Master Swordsmith

80. Why So Few Succeed

81. “Someone Came Asking for Money, But He Didn’t Rob Me”

82. “Head into the Wind!”
Facing Life’s Storms